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Creating connections.
Fostering a community.
Empowering women.
Pastel Gradient

Who are we?

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POWE is a philanthropic group at McGill University which serves students in the Faculty of Engineering.

No notion is too big of a commotion for the women in the McGill Faculty of Engineering. So dream big and fear not the restriction, for POWE is here to help discover, mold, support and promote every girl who nestled the ambition to adorn an iron ring.

Whether you are new to the faculty, want to inspire, preparing for life after graduation, or just need a break from that post-midterm headache, POWE has something for everyone.


of McGill's Engineering students are women

We're #1 in Canada and continuing to grow!

We believe that as an industry, engineering can and must do better. 
We hope to help increase these numbers through our many initiatives!

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