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About Us

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Who are we?
Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering (POWE) is a philanthropic group at McGill University under the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). Founded in 1990, POWE is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting gender diversity in the field of engineering, and supporting future engineers.
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Our Goals
  • To promote awareness of female and gender minority students in engineering
  • To encourage young women to join this field of study by exposing them to the many career opportunities that an engineering degree offers
  • To enlighten everyone about the important contributions and general role of women in the engineering field
  • To create a positive and friendly environment where fellow female engineers can socialize and seek support
  • To promote inclusion and diversity in engineering in all our activities
What does POWE do?

We have two main portfolios...

We have 3 main goals to support and encourage women & feminine-identifying gender minorities in STEM.

Professional Development

  • Networking Events

  • SymPOWEsium

  • Workshops

  • Industry Tours

  • External Conferences

Community Engagement

  • General Meetings

  • Socials

  • Merch Sale

  • Social Media Campaigns


  • POWE Conference

  • Caravan Visits (CEGEP)

  • Shadow Days

  • EmPOWER Mentorship

  • Les Filles et Les Sciences

Who can join POWE?

While we are a group dedicated to empowering female-identifying and gender minority engineering students, we welcome any and all McGill students to be part of our team! POWE is accepting of all individuals that want to support the cause of diversity in engineering and STEM. 

How do I join?

3 Ways to Join POWE:

1. Be a General Member

2. Be a Coordinator

3. Be an Executive Member

A general member is anyone who attends our events, workshops, general meetings, volunteers , or is a mentor in one of our many mentorship programs! General members can be a part of POWE without a year-long commitment, no application required!

Coordinators are our entry-level positions. They work under an executive member to learn the ropes of their role, while making an impact on our programs and events. It’s the best pathway to someday becoming an executive! Applications and interviews take place in September.

An executive member is in charge of a POWE portfolio. From event planning, to leading our mentorship and outreach programs, to connecting with sponsors, POWE has something for you. Executive applications and interviews take place in the Spring. 


In Memory

In 1989, fourteen female engineering students lost their lives in the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history. These women were specifically targeted because of their gender and choice to pursue a male-dominated career. Every year since the shooting, POWE has collected signatures of various students who stand in solidarity with the victims of the shooting and against gender-based violence in engineering. Thirty years later, POWE remains committed to being a voice for female engineering students and remember the women who lost their lives, by supporting others like them.

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